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Are all of your products vegan? What about allergens?

  • Yes, everything we sell is vegan! We don't wish to offer anything that contains any animal-based ingredients or that has been tested on animals. Period. We're passionate vegans ourselves, and we have never had any plans to sell anything that is not conforming to vegan standards. You may read an ingredient in a product that sounds like it is not vegan, but trust us, there are many different ways something can be derived or created, so even if something looks like it might not be vegan or you read that the ingredient is from an animal, you can be sure that the derivative in the product we're carrying is NOT from any animal/insect source. It is extremely rare that a company ever changes ingredients to make a vegan product non-vegan, but if this were to happen with something we were carrying, we would immediately discontinue the product and no longer offer it in our store.
  • Regarding allergens, while all of our products are non-edible and completely vegan, many items we sell are made in facilities that do handle some allergens for other items that may include nuts, dairy, gluten or other such things. If you or the person you're purchasing non-edible products for has serious allergies to common allergens, we do not recommend purchasing items without contacting us first to find what might be ideal for your needs. We can quickly and easily help to clarify which items you're interested may be suitable for those with serious allergies if you would like to call or email with details on the items you're interested in, so please contact us before ordering if severe allergies are a high concern. We cannot accept responsibility for orders placed that are assumed to be allergen-free if you do not consult with us prior to ordering, and anything containing unwanted allergens that are unusable will need prior authorization before being returned, if they are eligible for return.


 How soon will you send my package from the time I place my order?

  • Most orders ship same day or next day depending on what time they are received (if placed after 1 PM, an order will likely be sent on the next working day.)
  • If an item ordered is out of stock then your order may be held for 2-4 days before being sent while we wait for the stock to come in. The exception to this is for shoes, as most of them are coming from overseas and sometimes take longer to arrive if we are out of stock.
  • We will call or email anyone who will have to wait longer than 4 days for items to see what you'd like us to do. So please, do leave a legitimate email or telephone number on your order so that we can contact you if need be in regard to your order status.


How long does it take for an order to arrive?

  • Once shipped, your order will arrive typically within 10 to 12 business days for United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.
  • Other countries can take up to 28 business days, depending on how fast Customs clearances take place and due to having multiple warehouses overseas.
  • You’ll receive an email confirmation once your order has shipped. Feel free to email us to check on your order status. We're happy to help.


Do you ship outside of the USA?

  • Yes, we ship almost anywhere in the world! We have customers in Canada, Spain, Australia, England, New Zealand, Greece, and many other countries around the globe. We ship outside the USA via Standard US Mail or Air Mail, and the price is determined by the weight of the package for your order. This price does not appear on your email confirmation but has to be given to you separately after your order has been packed and weighed.
  • If you need to know the shipping before we send your order, please email us at Otherwise, we will send your order as normal once it has been packaged, and once an order is shipped we cannot make adjustments to it or remove items to reduce shipping.
  • Please be aware that orders sent outside the USA typically do not have tracking and insurance available, however, we guarantee all orders sent to anywhere in the world.
  • We only experience an average of 8 lost packages per year, which we promptly replaced at zero cost to the customer, except for the unexpected extra delay in receiving their order. So this is something to take into consideration if you are having the order sent to a different country outside of the USA or Canada. 
  • If you don't get your order when expected, just contact us and we'll resend your shipment out right away. 


What happens if an item is out of stock or backordered?

  • If you choose to purchase an item that is on backorder, or, if you purchase a quantity of an item where some are listed as being on backorder, we will hold your entire order until the backordered items arrive (normally 1-5 business days).
  • If you require some items to be sent immediately and the backordered items to be sent at a later time, please note this in your order if you will be willing to pay extra shipping costs to have the items sent (the cost to send the backordered will be no more than the original ship cost).
  • Please be aware that unless you do wish to pay extra shipping, all orders containing backordered items will be held until the entire order is in stock and ready to ship.


Do you sell your products wholesale?

  • We're only a retailer and neither the manufacturer of anything we carry nor are we a distributor.
  • If you are trying to get any of the products we sell for your store, you'll need to contact us to see if you are qualified to receive our wholesale purchasing information.


Where can I get your items in my local area?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot assist with sourcing the products we sell in your area. As we're just a single-store retailer of the goods we sell and not the manufacturer of anything, we honestly have no idea what other stores carry the same goods outside of our territory. We can certainly mail you anything that you'd need, however, if you only wish to purchase something that's in your town then you'll have to contact the product manufacturer directly as only they can assist with any details as to whether or not the items are available where you live. One thing to note is that many items we carry are exclusive to only our store or very few stores inside the USA or Canada, such as with some of the imported shoes we stock or our unique quartz-crystal herbal pipes, and typically the only way you'll ever be able to try these products is to order them online. 


I tried to order and for some reason I received an error message. What can I do to get my order through to you?

  • It is rare that ordering problems happen on our site but situations can arise where you just can't seem to get your order to complete as intended. Should you ever try to place an order with us and something does not work correctly, there are many other means to get an order into us. Here is what we suggest:
    1. - Call us at 1-855-YA-VEGAN to place your order over the phone, or email us your telephone number and we'll call you back to take your order at your convenience;

    2. - Mail in your order to us at our contact address listed at the bottom of this page. You can use our printable order form found under the "Ordering" section listed at the top of the page or simply write it out with the credit card and shipping instructions and we'll send your order when we receive it in the mail. Shipping costs are listed on the form (for shipping inside the continental USA only - all other areas, please write or call to get a quote);

    3. - If all else fails, we do have a secure email address that you can send all details to for ordering and credit card information. If you need to place an order via this method, please write to us at and we'll tell you where to send the information!


How can I track my order's shipping progress?

  • When your order has been sent you will receive an email confirming that it has been shipped and it will include a UPS tracking number (USA and some Canadian orders only). You can log into our site at and track your order from there by clicking on the TRACK MY ORDER link on the homepage, or go directly to and use their online tracking feature to find out where your order is at any given time.
  • For orders outside the USA which are sent via USPS Air Mail, we unfortunately have no way to track these orders. Also, should a package be lost or stolen in transit, we can file a claim with UPS to try and get a 2nd shipment out to you at no additional charge, but this cannot be done with orders outside the USA, so order at your own risk. However, if there is information from your local post office to show that the package was delivered and you say that you did not receive the package, you will need to contact UPS to initiate a claim for lost package - this situation is not the responsibility of to follow up on as once a package has left our warehouse we have no control over the situations which may occur.


I don't want to have my name or information sold to other businesses. What is your policy on this?

  • does not sell your information to anyone. All of your information is kept private and is used only within our business and under no circumstances will be shared, sold or traded to anyone else, guaranteed.


I ordered a cosmetic and it had Carmine listed on it. Carmine isn't vegan so why is it in this product you're selling? Also, I saw Lanolin listed in some of your lotions and oils. What about that?

  • We offer the strictest assurance that we don't sell anything that is non-vegan, and we'll explain the cosmetic situation with some of the Penders and Ecco Bella cosmetics listing carmine on them: Many of the cosmetics by these companies share labels. For instance, the Penders blushers, which aren't vegan, contain carmine, and the blusher label is shared with the eyeshadows. The same procedure goes with some Ecco Bella products - to cut costs they share labels and have carmine listed as it is in the non-vegan ones but they do put the label on products which are similar that don't contain carmine as well. We're pushing these companies to print new labels to show actual ingredients, so hopefully in the future they will be more accurate. As we state, if it's on our site it has been checked thoroughly and we do have statements from manufacturers to back up our claims!
  • For the Bronzo line, they have formulated synthetic lanolin that is used in their products. Trust us, we've been asked about this many, many times and have on file the statements to show that this is definitely not animal-derived. If you ever do see something listed such as Carmine, Lanolin, or Synthetic Beeswax you can rest assured that either these ingredients are not in the products at all or are definitely not derived from animals or insects!


What are your return policies?

  • We offer a hassle-free rock-solid 365 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back return policy on almost all of our products at - this period begins on the date the product is shipped out to the customer. 
    [NOTE: If there is a special circumstance whereby you cannot get your products returned within these 365 days please be sure to contact us before mailing them back.]
  • Simply mail the products you would like to return back to us (with a note of the reason for return enclosed) at our address listed at the bottom of this page, along with the RMA number issued to you by customer support, and we'll refund your money via the same method that you used to pay for your order.
  • Returns can be sent for exchange, store credit or refund depending on what you'd like. We will reimburse you for any items that have been sent incorrectly but under normal return circumstances, you are responsible for the expense of shipping products back to our location. Exchanges will be sent free of charge for the first replacement (inside the USA or Canada - customers outside the USA will be responsible for the cost of shipping on exchanges), but any subsequent returns or exchanges will be paid for at the customer's expense. Here are the products that have special circumstances for returns policies:
    • Shoes must be tried on indoors, preferably on carpeting, and while wearing socks, to be eligible for return or exchange. Shoes must be sent back in new, resellable condition to be valid as shoes are to be restocked to be shipped to other customers. If shoes are not returned in proper condition, credit or exchange cannot be given, and shoes will be sent back to you - this includes removal of laces before sending shoes back for return or destroying the original box the shoes were sent in (shoes not returned in the original box will be subject to a $12 surcharge which will be charged to your account or deducted from the total you are to be credited.) We inspect all shoes before shipping to guarantee that they are in perfect condition before they are sent, so we will be able to tell if they have been worn past what we deem to be acceptable upon return. We will issue credit or exchange for an alternate size depending on your request. Exchanges will be sent free of charge for the first replacement, (inside the USA or Canada only - customers outside the USA or Canada will be responsible for the cost of shipping on exchanges) but any subsequent returns or exchanges will be paid for at the customer's expense. AllVeganWorld will only pay for the cost of sending out exchanges - we do not issue refunds on original shipping costs or the cost of shipping items back to us unless the items you received were defective or not what was listed on your order form.
    • Clothing (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc.) cannot be sent back if they have been washed, cleaned, or have visible wear. If there is a variance in the appearance of an item returned that is not identical to how it was originally shipped, items will be sent back to you at your expense and no credit will be issued.
    • Cosmetics and body care/facial care items that have been opened or used are not returnable. If you are not sure about the color of a particular cosmetic item, simply call or email us and we'll be happy to send you a color chart!
    • Special custom orders for clothing or other products we do not normally carry are not eligible for credit or exchange.
    • Credits to credit card accounts will be issued anywhere from 1-2 weeks from the time your order is received.
    • If products are returned in unsatisfactory condition and cannot be resold in "like new" or unused condition and/or in time far exceeding the 35-day return limit the product will be returned to you at our expense and credit will not be issued.


What are your policies on labor for the products you carry?

  • People often ask about our policy on fair-labor for the goods we sell, and we're more than happy to share details on anything you would like to know regarding the manufacturers we work with. The products we sell other than wearable items are almost always from small businesses inside the USA or Europe, so unfair labor isn't an issue with their production. For wearables, here is our current status:
    • The shoes that we carry come from a variety of companies who have production in quite a few different countries - we don't actually produce any of the items we sell, but rather we try to offer the largest selection of all-vegan goods from over a hundred manufacturers in one place.
  • These products are made in the following countries:
    • Canada
    • UK 
    • Spain 
    • USA 
    • Italy 
    • Australia 
    • Romania 
    • Brazil 
    • Portugal 
    • Colombia (cooperatively made footwear) 
    • China
  • We're very concerned with sweatshop production - we don't like to offer anything that's exploitative to the people making the products as we feel it's very important to be human-friendly as well as animal-friendly. We have a thorough screening for all shoe and accessory companies that we carry products from regarding the production they use, and we ask them to verify the following situations regarding their production:
    1. No child labor; 
    2. No forced labor; 
    3. Fair pay relative to the respective country; 
    4. No hazardous working conditions/facility up to code; 
    5. No excessive hours for employees.
    • If a footwear company is not willing to attest to these factors for their production we will not work with them. Even after this, we do our own independent research through various websites to look for any contradictions - if we find anything that may show the company is not being honest about their labor standards we will refuse to carry their products. This is very important to us, and we have maintained this standard since our company formed. For Chinese manufacturing, we pay especially close attention to these factors since sweatshop production is so prevalent in much of that nation. However, there are a handful of companies working to make a difference in China by raising the standards of a quality work environment, and these are the kind of companies we seek out.
    • Some of the shirts we carry are all fair-labor made in the USA (such as all the Herbivore Clothing designs, the "Please Don't Eat the Animals shirt, the "Why Not?" shirt and the "Vegan Compassion" design), though some of the others in specific styles change on the shirts they're made on from batch to batch and we never know what we're going to receive. A few of the companies whose products we carry seem to work with whatever shirts they can get on demand (most likely from smaller print runs), and this is why many of them change from batch to batch. We're hoping that in time these companies will convert solely to using USA-made shirts for their production. We wish that there were more choices for vegan and animal-rights themed shirts that were made solely on fair-labor certified shirts, but there are so few companies out there that choices are limited and difficult to come by. Oddly enough, it has been far easier for us to work with fair-labor footwear manufacturers than it has for shirts! If you'd like to let us know what shirts you're particularly interested in we'll let you know the status of where they're made for what we currently have in stock so you'll know if there's anything you would wish to wear.
    • For hemp goods, these are all made in a fair-trade facility in Romania or are made in the USA - Ecolution and Splaff have always been at the forefront of fair-labor production, and those companies make almost all the hemp goods we carry.
    • For belts, almost all are made in fair-labor facilities in the UK, while the remaining few exceptions are all made in the USA.
    • For men's or unisex wallets, these are either the hemp wallets made in Romania or they are the VeganWares wallets that are handmade in Australia.
    • Again, if we can assist with any questions on a product, please feel free to write or call and we'll always be happy to help in any way possible.


    What is your contact information?

    • You can contact us at through any of the following:,
    243 Quigley Blvd, Unit E #3270, 
    New Castle, DE, USA, 19720


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